Van Canto’s interview for a Greek webzine (there’s both a greek and english version) and this is for the people @VanCanto Greek fan club because, yes, sharing is caring ;)

Rakka Takka to you too \„/

Hello all!!!! the interview is ready and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did (or even more if possible)! Special Thanks to Stef and Van Canto for this great *moment* that made me feel a real hero! Till the end of times, Rakka Takka ,,/

Link for Greek:
Link for English:

In Legend’s broken hearts club

Ich werde dir meine Hand geben

und du mir deine

die Nacht, die Nacht, sie wird nicht mehr sein 

nur eine Wiese mit Blumen 

Und dann werden wir laufen …


I will give you my hand

and you will give me yours

The night, the night, will be no more

only a meadow with flowers.

And then we will run…

Faun, “Das Tor”

I’ve come to love these fingers so dearly…..